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Pacific North West  Deparment Council

includes the States of Idaho, Oregon, Washington and Alaska; and the Provinces of British Columbia and Alberta, Canada. The lodges under its jurisdiction are called "Cantons" and the members participate in the Highest Degree of Odd Fellowship. The Patriarch Militant name comes from the concept that the head of a family or group is a patriarch of, or head of that group. In other words a group of leaders. The militant part of the name reflects the para-military or Military like devotion to doing the 'right' thing. In today's language 'a group of leaders working together for the betterment of mankind'.

Annual Sessions are Friday prior to NW Odd Fellows and Rebekahs in November (odd year WA, even year OR)

Spring Meetings are Friday prior to NW Odd Fellows and Rebekahs in April (odd year ID, even year BC)

A little about Patriarch Militant, The highest degree of Odd Fellowship

Members pledge to support and defend the principles of 'Universal Justice'. As a fraternal group, Odd Fellows endeavor to live up to our fraternal crest that Friendship, Love and Truth are fundamental to the progress of and betterment of human kind.The Patriarch Militant is the highest degree of Odd Fellowship.

This degree is based upon the principle of 'Universal Justice' and the doctrine of rights advocating peaceful methods, but if necessary, defending rights with the exercise of force. Odd Fellows sponsor many charitable activities internationally through the Sovereign Grand Lodge, and through our local Cantons within PNW. 

These activities include benevolent activities that are a large part of the History of Odd Fellowship.

An odd name: Odd Fellows got our name from a comment made during the 1700's that "it is odd that a person might help another and expect nothing in return". 

Canton Definitions: 

1) Canton is a square placed in the Dexter (to right of center as seen by the bearer) of a flag or heraldic banner. Strictly speaking, it appears as a standard part on a coat of arms. 
2) The field of stars on the American Flag is an example of a field or group of honor and is called the Canton of the American flag. 
3) Canton is a division, part, or portion of anything. Usually that part considered to be special or elevated.  Political partitions in Switzerland are known as Cantons.

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